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Launched in 2012 by the François Sommer Foundation and Editions Glénat, Billebaude is a magazine of exploration and reflection on the uses and representations of nature. Each semester, the magazine proposes around a theme - the wolf, the forest, rurality, etc. Each semester, the magazine offers contributions from researchers, journalists, field workers and artists on a specific theme - the wolf, the forest, rurality, etc. -. In a spirit of openness, the magazine weaves links between the worlds of research, art and environmental management around the challenges of nature conservation. Aware that the ecological and economic crisis invites to recompose a new knowledge where science dialogues with culture and management with traditional practices and knowledge, the magazine functions as a laboratory of ideas and exchanges.

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N°18 The raptors

Published spring 2021, 96 pages,
public price incl. VAT in France : 19.90 €.

This issue looks at the long history of the relationship between humans and raptors, starting with the ancient arts of falconry to recent reintroduction programs, particularly French and European. Dating back to antiquity, the practice of falconry was designated a World Heritage Site by lʼunesco in 2010. Through contemporary portraits of falconers and birds, we describe the steps, gestures, and modes of attention that falconry - the act of taming and training a raptor for hunting - involves. Falconry is neither domestication nor training in the strict sense. According to American falconer, Stephen Bodio: "It consists of learning politeness to a bird. Raptors have long been considered pests and saw their populations collapse during the 20th century due to eradication campaigns and the introduction of DDT and other chemicals into agricultural practices. How did the defense of raptors, at the crossroads between the worlds of falconry and lʼornithology, emerge and allow their protection in France in 1981? How can raptors be returned to the wild?

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