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from November 16 2021 to March 20 2022

Carte blanche
Eva Jospin

For over 10 years, artist Eva Jospin has been composing forest and mineral landscapes exclusively from cardboard. The sobriety of the initial material and the monumental presence of the sculptures contrast with the extremely meticulous and detailed nature of the cut-outs imitating the details of natural landscapes with perfection. She has been invited to take over the rooms of the Museum in the fall of 2021.

At the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Eva Jospinʼs main work will be a space to walk through. A cut-out section of forest, characteristic of the artistʼs unique style, into which a gallery opens that is both vegetal and architectural, made of plinths and niches in the manner of an Italian Renaissance studiolo. The installation plays with discovery, and with the dialogue between interior and exterior: a structured abundance in which sometimes a reliquary, host to a new object, opens, sometimes an archway discreetly overlooking the room and its passers-by.


The exhibition will spread to the upper rooms of the museum: there, the works of paper will continue the dialogue between vegetation, caches, the animal world, interventions and rituals: a common vocabulary that Eva Jospin declines as much as she incises in the permanent collections. 



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