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Thursday 23 September 2021 ↦ 19h30

Apprendre à voir. Le point de vue du vivant


Discussion between Estelle Zhong Mengual, art historian, and Anne de Malleray, editor of Billebaude magazine.

How might painting and natural history, as arts of seeing the living world, orient us in the crisis of sensitivity to the living that we are going through? By rediscovering the practices and views of nineteenth-century women naturalists, such as Arabella Buckley or Frances Theodora Parsons; and by reinterpreting, in the light of natural science knowledge, paintings by nineteenth-century painters such as Frederic Church or Albert Bierstadt, Estelle Zhong Mengual makes them guides to learning to see the living around us as so many embodied points of view on the world.

She proposes that we consider their style of attention to the living, where knowledge and sensibility are woven together, and thus invites us to think beyond the dualisms we inherit - between science and art, culture and nature - and beyond disciplinary silos. On the horizon, the project of an education of our eye for today takes shape. We welcome Estelle Zhong Mengual on the occasion of the release of her book Apprendre à voir. Le point de vue du vivant published by Actes Sud.

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