David Hockney, Dog Painting #35, 1995 © David Hockney Foundation

Wednesday 12 October 2022 ↦ 19h30

The Dream of Dogs: Visual Arts and Literature

Bénédicte Ramade (University of Quebec in Montreal) and Anne Simon (CNRS)

The dog has accompanied hominization for nearly 15,000 years. From the constellation Canis Major to disturbing representations of prehistoric caves, from Anubis the dark canine who transports the souls of the dead to the afterlife to the monstrous Cerberus who guards the gates of the underworld, the dog has never ceased to feed the myths. Hunting dog, companion, soldier, guard, stray, working or support dog, he populates the images and the pages. We often project ourselves onto this mirror figure. But how to write or evoke the dreams of dogs? Is it possible to get into their perspective? What do they make us dream of? On the occasion of the publication in November of the issue of the journal Billebaude on the dog, a dialogue between Bénédicte Ramade, art historian, and Anne Simon, researcher in literature, will address these questions via works of art, excerpts from films and books.

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Bénédicte Ramade specializes in environmental issues addressed in the field of visual arts. The animal point of view is a line of research that she is developing at UQAM, Montreal. The update of his thesis, Towards an anthropocene art. American Ecological Art for prototype, has just been published by the Presses du réel in 2022. Director of research at the CNRS, Anne Simon is responsible for the International Center for the Study of Contemporary French Philosophy at the ENS, member of the editorial committee de Billebaude and editor of the research notebooks PhilOfr, Pôle Proust and Animots. His zoopoetics essay A beast between the lines was published by Wildproject editions in 2021.

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David Hockney, Dog Painting #35, 1995 © David Hockney Foundation